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We are grateful that you are considering contributing to PakoAsianStore.com.au with your writing. We are searching for completely original contributions. Listed below are some examples of acceptable themes for articles (keep in mind that we only publish original content):

  • Home improvement
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Automotive
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Family/parenting
  • Travel,
  • Entertainment

What Benefits Come Together With Penning An Article? 

Begin, you will have the opportunity to mention your mobile application or video game, which will increase your visibility (not only from the blog post but also from our social profiles). You are permitted to include a brief bio that contains a link to the app or game that you consider to be your most significant (Google Play link). Even if you aren’t a writer, you may still have a link to your website or one of your social profiles included in the bio.

Please bear in mind that not all of the articles that you submit will be published. The article’s originality (we’ll utilize Copyscape to evaluate for the uniqueness of the content) and its quality will be our primary considerations in determining its overall rating. In addition, there is a minimum word count requirement of 500 for each piece.

The Following Are Some Parameters That You Should Follow While Submitting A Guest Post:

1. Original. If the article you submit is accepted and published on Pakoasianstore.com.au, you are not permitted to post it anywhere else online. The content of the article must be original; there should be no instances of plagiarism or content spinning. You won’t be doing yourself or us any favors if you submit content that has been copied from another source or rewritten using the same words.

2. A brief resume of no more than thirty words. If you are a writer, you have the option of describing the applications that you have already made available for download and including a link to either your Google Play developer page or one of your applications or games. If you are not a writer, you are only allowed to put one link in this section.

3. Images Protected by Copyright Laws the images you submit mustn’t contain any copyright protection. Mention the source to give credit if they are released under a Creative Commons license that requires attribution.

4. Do not include links to unrelated websites or sites that contain content that is unrelated to yours (also, no affiliate links).

5. Respond to any comments. You are obligated to respond to the comments made on your article if it receives any (you can subscribe to comments via Disqus), so keep that in mind.

6. When the post has been published, it would be very helpful if you could promote it as much as you can, seeing as how we will also be promoting it in other places.

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