Take Advantage of the Portable Chargers for Electric Vehicles

The regular portable EV charger will allow you to charge the car overnight. It takes 8 to 12hrs to charge an electric car 100 percent using a typical 3kW charger. You need to consider the charger’s capabilities, the EVs battery capacity, and other important factors when shopping for an EV charger. Charging your vehicle at home can offer many benefits, such as

EVs need to be charged. You already know this, but it’s as easy as charging your smartphone. Yours can be charged anywhere. This includes at home or work. Electric Vehicles can also be charged by plugging the chargers into an outlet with electricity. There are many choices of Electric Vehicle Chargers available on the market. Each EV is different.

Charge Your EV Batteries Quickly and Easily

The convenience of having a portable EV charging station at home allows you to control the charging process fully. You don’t have to go to a public charger station or wait in line to charge an EV. A home charger allows you to charge your vehicle at your own pace while you do other things. You can take your vehicle with you wherever you go, as long as you have enough charge. You can plan your trips without worrying if you need more power.

Charge Quickly

Portable electric car chargers are far more efficient than public charging stations. A home EV charger usually takes 20 to 45 mins for a quick top-up, while it can take 4 to 7 hours to charge an EV, depending on the charging rate fully. It can be a time-saver instead of driving to a local station, waiting for your turn, and charging the vehicle.

Battery Life Can Be Extended

The efficiency of an electric car’s battery decreases over time. It is possible to slow down the process of battery degradation if your vehicle is fully charged rather than using public charging stations for quick top-ups. You can prolong the battery life by charging your car at home with an electronic charger.


You can purchase a Type 1 portable or Type 2 electric car charger depending on the maximum charging power of your electric vehicle. It is quicker than searching online for public charging spots that fit your specific EV brand and battery size. The best thing about buying a portable EV charger is that it can charge your car indoors and outdoors. You have the choice of a variety of models that suit your needs and budget.

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Devices

Here are some essential facts about different types of electric vehicle charging devices. There are three levels of charging.

Level 1 Households

Level 1 charger is a regular, portable charger that can be connected to 110 outlets and used anywhere. They can be charged at a rate of 4 miles per hour. They are slow chargers at Level 1. It takes almost 9hrs to charge an electric automobile with a range of up to 40 miles.

Level 2 Business

This level allows charging to be completed 4-5x faster than in level 1. A 240-volt power unit is connected to your cars. The car can be charged in one hour and up to 20 mph. You can charge from your home or at one of the many public stations, such as shops and public parks.

Level 3Commercial

This level features 480V power. It’s the fastest and most powerful charging device available. It charges 80% in less than 20-30 min. It transforms the AC power to the DC, storing power in the EV cells.